None of us is smarter than all of us combined...

There is a proverb saying, “None of us is smarter than all of us combined”. Sometimes it’s hard for one person to implement an idea. But when she gets support from friends together as a team and with the same vision, it become easier. With the help of a dialog we had with tailors’ team from Musanze, here there is four benefits of being in a team.

You reach your goal in a short time

It might take long to implement an idea alone, because all the responsibilities are yours. But together as a team you share ideas and responsibilities, which makes you achieve your goal easily. Like this tailors’ team, one brought the idea without knowledge on tailoring even without money to buy tailoring machine. But together, one of them knew how to do it though it to others. They also did save together to buy the machine.

You gain Friendship

When the team works well, the friendship between the members grows which makes them become a family, by supporting each other in everything. This tailors’ team shared an example of how when one gets sick, they work together on the job she was supposed to do, so that she can go to the hospital. They also share advice to each other.

You gain new Skills

Everyone in a team has her uniqueness or skills. So, they share that knowledge to each other. This makes them to get new skills and knowledge, like how in this team only one girl knew tailoring and taught it to others. The other one knew public speaking and taught it to others so that they can all be able to explain to clients their work.

Overcoming challenges is easy.

Sometimes, it might be hard for one person to overcome challenges alone. But when you are together as a team you put together ideas which makes you solve the issue. Example of this team, when they had no market for their products, they’ve agreed on having one of them to oversee finding the market by going in different places to meet different people.

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