We were concerned knowing Agnes dropped out...

“We started off just spending time together playing handball, but the more we played the more we grew to know each other” said Grace, a player from the handball team of Munyove in Ruzisi district. She told us how they all became friends and grew to support each other as a team - for example, if someone got sick, they would visit her to see how she was.


This group of friends helped Agnes to stay in school. Agnes did not have school materials, which sometimes made her absent and fail in class. Fellow teammates noticed this and decided to support her, which ultimately changed her life. “It had been two weeks that I missed school.

My friends visited me and we talked about the situation I was in and they decided to help.” She went on to say; “They collected some money and bought me notebooks, pens, and shoes which enabled me to return to school”.


Her friend Joseline added: “We were concerned knowing Agnes dropped out, and as we are family, tried to do what we could to help her to return and have a good future.”

Through this experience, Grace and her teammates understand the importance of friendship and supporting each other in times of need. They ask Ni Nyampingas to have a helpful heart and value friendships by looking out for each other.

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