To our dearest Ni Nyampingas,

We hope you enjoyed issue 31 of the Ni Nyampinga magazine. We’re excited to bring you issue 32 and hope you like the stories in it. Once you’ve finished reading, write to us and tell us which is your favourite article and why. We’re looking forward to receiving your text messages to 1019 and on our social media pages. Just search for Ni Nyampinga!

In this issue, Shangazi will be talking to you about a new topic: gender. She will share what it means, and why it's important for us to talk about it! You’ll also find stories about sexual and reproductive health, and you will meet Josiane who shares how her life has changed because of the advice she got at her local health centre.

You will also find the story of 20-year- old Belinda who makes chairs out of car tyres. Belinda shares how she got started, and why she’s proud to be a young woman who makes money. Read about Rosette and David, co-founders of a business that makes pavers out of sand and plastic waste. Be sure to read every story, because they are all interesting and inspiring!

Are you excited to find out who this issue’s celebrity guest is? His name is Igor Mabano, and you might know his famous song ‘Iyo Utegereza’ (If you could have waited). Igor is both a singer and a music teacher. If you love his music, you won’t want to miss out on reading his story. In this issue, you might notice that people are wearing face masks. This is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Be sure to look out for tips on staying smart, safe and kind during the pandemic. Enjoy reading the stories in this issue and remember to share the magazine with your friends once you’ve finished. After all, it’s free!

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