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We are very happy to bring you Issue 31 of the magazine. As usual, this edition is full of great stories about fellow Ni Nyampingas across the country who are as inspiring as you are.

You’ll find stories on where to find trusted information about the bodily changes you experience during puberty, love, sexual intercourse and more. Read about how to access information and services from your local health centre and youth centre as well. Find this on pages 12 and 13.

Meet Bridget, who is good friends with her brother and find out how their friendship has helped her to start difficult conversations. Can you guess who her brother is? It’s Sintex, a Rwandan pop star! This is on page 24

As a young person, do you have questions and curiosities about bodily changes and other topics but struggle to ask about them? In some cases, you might not know who to ask. In this issue, Shangazi will give you tips on who you can talk to. She will also answer questions you asked about menstruation, love and more.

As you know, we always make a poster for you. This time, we have a surprise for Ni Nyampinga Sakwe fans! We are bringing you a poster of the Sakwe cast! Look closely, you will see new faces! Write to us and tell us how you welcome them to Kabuto.

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