Hello Ni Nyampingas

Hello Ni Nyampingas! Did you enjoy Issue 28 of the magazine? Send a text message to 1019 and tell us which story you liked best. We are pleased to share with you Issue 29 of Ni Nyampinga. It’s full of inspiring stories, and we hope you enjoy reading them.

Have you ever set a goal that needs money? Have you wondered what you can do to achieve it? In this issue, you’ll meet students whose mentor explained how to set and reach a financial goal. On the back of the poster, you can find detailed information on the steps you can take to set a financial goal. We have also brought you a number of group activities you and your friends can do to set and achieve your goals together.

For Ni Nyampinga Sakwe fans, Gigi’s story will tell you how she faced challenges on her journey to becoming a welder, as well as how she overcame them. Don’t forget to read the story of 13-year-old Benitha as she shares tips on how to cope with menstruation while studying. Baza Shangazi will also give you some advice on this topic.

You know that we always meet a celebrity and bring you all the details! Guess who that is this time? It’s Andy Bumuntu! From our interview, you’ll discover how his mother and sister motivated him to create a traditional group that nurtures talented individuals, including young girls! Happy reading and keep texting us on 1019!

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