Our Ni Nyampinga journalists, left to right: Laurence, Marlene, Rahmat, Pascaline, Clarisse and Goodluck.

Our beloved Ni Nyampingas! We hope you enjoyed reading Issue 27 of Ni Nyampinga and listening to Season 4 of Ni Nyampinga Sakwe. Send an SMS to 1019 to share your thoughts with us. We are excited to share Issue 28 of your magazine!

Do you have a favourite place you like to visit? In this issue, you will meet Ni Nyampingas from Gatsibo and Nyamagabe districts who told us about their special places of paradise. Read about these amazing spots and tell us where you go to relax and be happy.

You’ll also meet Munezero - a passionate and self-taught traditional drummer who started with jerry cans and now plays with Ingenzi Cultural Troupe from Nyanza District.

Have you ever wondered how you can invest with the little you might have? Don’t miss a story about amazing girls who made a small investment and are now reaping the benefits.

Do you know about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine? Maybe you have been immunised against HPV, but there are some girls who are still facing challenges to get vaccinated. In this issue, you can learn about Germaine and Angelique’s journey before they got the injection, and how they overcame the difficulties they faced. We hope their stories will encourage you to get the vaccine when you are the right age.

Can you guess which celebrity you’ll read about this time around? It is Aline Sano Shengero, a renowned singer - better known as Alyn Sano. Read about her story and enjoy her poster that you can hang wherever you like. Shangazi is back too, answering your questions about friendship and reproductive health.

Enjoy the stories in this new issue, and don’t keep them to yourself. Share the magazine with your friends once you’ve finished reading. Remember to SMS us on 1019 and tell us what you think of our stories. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Happy reading!

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