They are using innovative materials to build their own toys...

In Kamonyi District, young children are demonstrating a different kind of creativity. These smart and imaginative kids have become toy makers! From miniature houses and airplanes to cars and glasses, they are using innovative materials to build their own toys. Rachel says the ball brings her friends together and helps her to have fun as she can’t play alone. Another toy maker, Olivier, builds airplanes from dry maize or sorghum stems. Olivier says that he is most happy when people see the planes he has made and encourage him to make a real one that can fly high in the sky. Jacqueline, also from Kamonyi, makes eyeglasses. She says that when she and her friends put them on, they feel very smart.

The children Ni Nyampinga met in rubavu specialise in making guitars and dolls. Valentin from Rubavu has made his own guitar from a jerry can. Leonard, 14, makes dolls that he gives to his friends. He says he is inspired to make these toys because of the love he has for his friends. All the children we spoke to enjoy playing with their friends and say it’s even better when they make new toys together. These curious kids are using their imagination to create their own joy, and that’s an example we can all follow, no matter how young (or old) we are!

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