Once upon a time, there were two girls named Migambi and Mico. They were best friends who vowed to never let each other down. Migambi lived by the river and was a great swimmer while Mico lived on the other side of the river but could not swim. When Mico wanted to visit her, Migambi helped her to cross the river.


One night, Migambi had a nightmare that Mico let her down. The next day she asked her for a sign that she would never let her down. So Mico opened her mouth wide to show her heart.

Migambi: What? I see only darkness Is everything OK?

Mico: It’s totally fine, it’s just that it’s hard to see!


One day, famine struck the other side of the river. Mico and her neighbours fled and arrived at the river.

Mico: When you make it to the other side of the river, please, look for my friend Migambi, and tell her to come to my rescue.


When the old man arrived, he met Migambi.

Hurry up! Go help your friend to cross the river before she starves on the other side, or drowns trying to cross the river.



Migambi carried her friend on her back, but in the middle of the river, she got very tired.

Migambi: Mico, I am so tired. If I keep going, we risk drowning together. Let go of your luggage so that we reach the other side of the river safely.

Mico: No way! I can’t leave my stuff behind! Hurry please!


Migambi: This fruit garden is too big for me to harvest alone. Why don’t I ask Mico to support me? I know we can do it together.


Migambi: Mico my friend, we have so much fruit in the garden, can you help me to harvest it?

Mico: What! I don’t know if I have time for that! Besides, the soil ruins my clean nails! I am sorry, but I can’t do that!

Migambi left feeling very sad.


One day, Mico slept badly and when she woke up she couldn’t walk.

Mico: I wish I had someone to take me to the hospital.


Gikeri: Why don’t you call your friend Migambi to take you?

Mico: Mr Gikeri, can you please find her for me?

Gikeri: So you think she can come that easily? She helped you to cross the river and yet you refused to help her with the harvest.

Mico: You are right, Gikeri! I wronged her! Can you please tell Migambi that I want to apologise?


Mico: Forgive me. I was so selfish and forgot you risked your life to get me here!

Migambi: I forgive you. Let us keep our friendship!

The frog: Congratulations! Loyalty is the key to friendship! Wonderful! You did the right thing to forgive and reunite.


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