The poem is entitled “We are Ni Nyampinga”.


Ni Nyampinga brought all the thoughts, drawings and crafts from girls to Angel Uwamahoro, the poet who later created this poem entitled “We are Ni Nyampinga”.

We, We are Ni Nyampinga- Dreamers- Believers- Seekers- Achievers- With divine minds- and kind hearts-

Yes we, We are Ni Nyampinga- With hope in our eyes- Hope in our hearts- Hard work in our heads, hands- and feet- Determination with every heartbeat-

Yes, We are- We are Ni Niyampinga! Bubbly- and bright- Optimistic- Fruitful delights- Fearless and Free- Careful- Creative- Skilful- Smart, and able- We, are learners- and Teachers- Honest and true- Elegant-and Expressive- Valuable- Worth it- Yes We- We are Ni Niyampinga-

Taking breaks, but never quitting- Making mistakes, but always learning- We overcome- Challenges, We achieve- goals, We are Ni Nyampinga-

We inspire! There is fire- in our souls- That burns to reach our goals- So we- aim higher!

Our younger siblings- want to be like us- ‘cause of what they see- in us- So we Pledge to - Share our knowledge- pass on our values- At this prime time- of our lives- We decide- Who we are- What we want- Inside and out! We have the power!

Yes we, We are Ni Nyiampinga-

To our friends- We are- Loving- Playful- Watchful- Truthful- Tasteful- Helpful- Fun- Wise- and- Admirable-

To our community- We are the promising future- Our mothers, guide us- Our fathers, love us- Our teachers, believe in us- We are supported by our guardians!!!!

Ni Niyampinga- The flames of light- in the darkness- Blossoming roses-in the gardens- A playful people with purpose, and poise- Young-alive- and well- Special - Bold- Enthusiastic- Ni Niyampinga~

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