I loved these colors and the whole experience...

When we visited the school, we spent the whole day with five fabulous Ni Nyampinga from the school painting the mural and girls’ room. We did the work in a fun and enjoyable spirit. The girls loved the work they did, but the most important for them were the three words written on the beautiful painted mural; Friendship (Ubucuti), Together we Shine (Turamurika) and Together we Grow (Turazamurana).


“When I saw the mural, with the three words, it was so emotional and my eyes fixed on “Turazamurana” (Together we grow) because the word made me think about a friend of mine and a classmate who is disabled. I couldn’t stop thinking about how together we grow, because I am there whenever she needs my support, and she also helps me in revising the lessons.” Said one student, when she was looking at the final painted mural.


Another girl standing near the girl’s room said: “Now our girls’ room looks beautiful and respected!”


Our brothers were also so happy for the work done. And one of them said: “Before this, our mural was dull and dirty. It is so pleasant to see these beautiful colors and meaningful words. This will help us relax and study well. Thank you Ni Nyampinga”.


The director of the school, Sylvain, was also happy that the girl’s room was beautified. He said: “The girl’s room at our school is used by 1350 girls and 42 female teachers. Having it clean and beautiful this way will help them feel good when they use it, and I am happy for that”


It was a joyful day when “Ni Nyampinga” team together with the students were presenting the mural to the whole school. Traditional live performances, fashion shows, drama sketches, poems, all those are the things which students had prepared to thank the team for beautifying the place.

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