...But not only just family they are also great friends.

Strong friendships can help you achieve great things. Looking back, you might see positive changes in your life due to having great friendships. Ni Nyampinga visited Josiane and Glory, friends that has been close for a long time, they told us where their friendship started and how it helps them.

Josiane and Glory are cousins, but not only just family they are also great friends. Their friendship started when Josiane went to stay at Glory’s home. Talking a lot about different things and giving each other advice helped them become closer.


One day Josiane was nominated to be a head girl candidates, but she questioned her ability as felt these responsibilities would be too much for her. Thanks to Glory’s help however, in time she became confident and is now a leader. “I remember what Glory told me when I asked if she thought I could be a leader: “I know you will make it because you never fail when you are committed” assured Glory.

Glory also appreciates her friendship with Josiane, and learns a lot from her advice and support. Glory recalled a day she remembers well: “When I was about to do my O’level national exams, I was very nervous. Josiane told me that I will pass because I was prepared, this helped me calm down and I passed with really good grades.”

To end, they told us having good friends is important because you can exchange advice, support each other and spend time together which helps you not feel alone when going through challenging times.

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