Uwicyeza Nkaka Yvonne

Jeannette is a 21-year-old girl living in Karongi District in Mutuntu Sector. She decided to make a “Kandagira Ukarabe” because of this Coronavirus epidemic.

At Jeannette's home they already had a Kandagira Ukarabe in their washroom but when this Coronavirus epidemic came she decided to do so at the entrance of her home such that those who enter the house will go and wash their hands before touching anything else to prevent the spread of the epidemic. It’s not only those who enter, but also those who come out use it to clean their hands as well.

Jeannette's neighbors were surprised to see a young girl that made her own Kandagira Ukarabe and approached her and asked her how she made it. One of them asked her to educate his children so that they too would participate in the fight against the spread of the epidemic.

Jeannette told Ni Nyampinga that people understand and follow the instructions regarding prevention of Coronavirus, and how they wash their hands with clean water and soap unlike in the days before Coronavirus, when some would only wash their hands if they were going to eat. She said, "However, now they wash their hands every time they go somewhere or they come from somewhere, before they touch on anything or after they touch it and they do so to prevent coronavirus."

So, you are also advised to wash your hands as often as possible. For her, Jeannette believes that washing your hands with clean water and soap is a way to be clean aside from preventing Coronavirus, there are other diseases that you are avoiding.


When Jeannette was explaining the importance of Kandagira Ukarabe, she said, “The benefit of Kandagira Ukarabe is that the water that is used to wash hands flows away, that way you can’t come in contact with the water that is contaminated.”

It's different from washing off in a bucket or basin because you're washing in the water and you've already put the dirt that was on your hands. "

Jeannette advises others to do the same because it is easy and very important. She also says that you should not wash your hands for not having it, because you can wash your hands with a bucket, a basin, a jerrycan, then you are also involved in the protection of your own and the country.


These are the tools Jeannette used to make Kandagira Ukarabe:

  • Nails
  • Jerrycan
  • Rope
  • Wood
  • Hammer

Making Kandagira Ukarabe did not take her much time, nor did it cost her more than Rwf800. She bought a rope for Rwf300, nails for Rwf200 and a jerry can for Rwf300. She got the wood from the trees in her home forest, and they already had the hammer at home.

Jeannette tells the youth that they are the future of Rwanda, which is why they need to take care of their life, by cleaning and washing their hands with clean water and soap. She also says that in addition to being one of the ways to control Coronavirus, it also prevents other diseases caused by poor hygiene.

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