At the beginning, I faced many challenges...

My name is Gaudence, and I live in Nyagatare district. When I was about to finish high school, I had a baby. This big change made it difficult for me to attend school, and I ended up dropping out. Because I had no income it was impossible to buy clothes for my child. I decided to speak to my uncle about my situation and afterwards he gave me 5,000 RWF to spend on baby clothes. Since that day, I started thinking of how I could be financially independent.


This is when I got a business idea. I took the money, divided it into two, used one half to start selling tomatoes, and the other to buy clothes for my baby. When I started the tomato business, I kept on investing the benefit to increase my capital. At the same time, I contributed to a group saving. After two years, I used some money I had and my savings from the group to start my own shop.

I have seen people who fail and those who prosper in business, reaching far. So I committed myself and worked hard because I knew that to have a successful business was possible.


At the beginning, I faced many challenges. Now my child and I live in our own house and I can afford whatever we need. The journey continues, as I want to pay for university and raise my child in comfort. Remember, no matter how big or small the challenge, try not to get discouraged - you can start with little and still get far. I have learnt that having a child does not mean your life is over, like any challenge, if you face it head on and believe in yourself you can overcome anything!

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