After two years out of school my uncle told my dad that I should go back...

Dropping out can happen for different reasons. Students who have dropped out are sometimes afraid of going back because they think they are too old to go back to school. However, there are others who believe that no matter how old you are, you can still return to learn and even pass on good grades. One of those is Yvette, this is her testimony:

When I was in primary six, sadly my mother passed away. I had two young siblings to take care of, and because of this responsibility I ended up dropping out of school. My siblings were only three and five years old, and they looked up to me for support. After two years out of school my uncle told my dad that I should go back, and he agreed.


At first I felt lucky, but then realising I had spent two years without studying and I will be with children way younger than me I was worried. When we got in class, everyone introduced themselves and as I said I was 16 years old I heard other students murmuring. I was embarrassed but tried to be strong. I studied hard, and that term was 8th in class. Through this experience I realised you can study at any age, and now after overcoming my insecurity of being older and working hard I am in senior five.

Since going back to school, I have learned different languages and gained confidence in myself. Others saw strength in me too and chose me to be dormitory captain. I would like to encourage all Ni Nyampingas who might have dropped out, that it’s not too late - you can still go back to school. Don’t be discouraged, with determination and commitment you can study and pass no matter how old you are.

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