How do they feel when they wear face masks?

Written by Mutoni Goodluck

We have been discussing for days why it is important to wash your hands both in real life and especially in these times of COVID-19 prevention. Ni Nyampinga, we spoke to journalist Sandrine Isheja from KISS Fm, Young Grace, a singer and Umwali Lisa. They told us how they feel when they wear face masks.

Young Grace says that when she wears a mask she feels happy because she is protecting herself and her family. Whereas, Isheja said that she feels proud because she’s fulfilling her responsibilities as a good citizen. The challenge Young Grace faced was that she forgot to wear it in the early days, but immediately remembered.


On the other hand, Umwali said that she has now colours in her face because she is always wearing a mask. However Sandrine Isheja wears glasses, she says that she has a way of doing it so that she doesn’t get embarrassed with it and wears a mask every time she goes out.


Young Grace says that a mask does not prevent her from dressing well and having a good time. "For example, you can wear a red dress and go with a mask of any other color of your choice," she said. Umwali says that she applies makeup only on her eyes, and then she wears a face mask, and feels comfortable. She says that it is better to possess many face masks for the cleanliness reasons.

In a message, Sandrine Isheja said: “Wearing a mask protects you and your loved ones.” While Young Grace said: “Prevention is better than cure.”

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