It's my choice!

How it opened for me a door of what I will do in the future....

Some people say, “I like that people in hospitality and tourism often speak different languages” and “Sometimes they get to travel to different places and learn about other cultures.” People in this sector told us: “I enjoy it when a client is satisfied by the services we provide.” Ni Nyampingas, did you know it’s an industry a girl can pursue and become successful? Maybe not because of rumors people say about this sector… To understand more we spoke to Ni Nyampingas who study or work in Tourism and Hospitality. We learnt how they got into this sector, challenges they face and how they overcome them. And of course what they are most proud of.


“I like what am studying because it has shown me opportunities of what I might do in the future that I never knew about before.” Says Fiona who is 18 years old and studying hospitality. She was inspired to go into the industry by her aunt who is a proud tour guide.


Fiona used to think it didn’t require further studies, that instead it’s something you can just learn on the job. Her thoughts changed while she was in Senior 6 when she met hospitality teachers who came to explain more about what it is and she realized it takes skills and knowledge to offer quality services.

She graduated high school with good grades and as a result was awarded a scholarship by “Hanga Ahazaza” (Create Your Future) which is a Mastercard foundation initiative. Fiona has been studying hospitality at Vatel university and doing internships for one year and explains “Now I know how to offer quality services through cooking delicious food, customer care and organizing tours etc.” Although she is still studying, Fiona feels she has already found her dream job. “I see myself as a kitchen chef because I get great satisfaction when a client comes in hungry, I make delicious food and they enjoy their meal.”

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