Have you ever heard of the singer known as Sintex? Ni Nyampinga met with him and his sister Bridget to find out why these siblings are such good friends. While Sintex is often busy making hit music, he always finds time to support his sister. For Bridget, the way he helped her to have difficult conversations has had a big impact on her life. Let’s find out more!

The friendship between Bridget and Sintex has helped both of them to learn more about themselves and know what’s happening in each other’s lives. That’s why one day Bridget turned to her brother when she wanted to attend an evening concert but didn’t know how to ask their mum for permission.

“When I got home that day, Bridget told me what the issue was. I suggested she go and check if mum was in a good mood and if she had time to talk,” said Sintex, who also told Ni Nyampinga that when you want to ask for something from your parents or anyone else, make sure they are in a good mood and have time to listen. “You need to tell them the truth and they need to know the people you are planning to go with.”


Bridget tried to follow Sintex’s advice, but it didn’t work out as planned. She didn’t have all the details her mother wanted to know and so she was refused permission. “When I wasn’t able to explain to mum, Sintex realised I was sad,” Bridget told us.

That’s when Sintex stepped in. He gave their mum all the details so she knew Bridget would be safe that evening. Their mother was convinced and gave her blessing. Bridget was lucky enough to witness the conversation between Sintex and their mum. She realised that it’s best to give as much information as you can so that the person you are asking understands how useful or important the opportunity is going to be for you.

A few days later, Bridget applied Sintex’s tips and it worked! “When I saw how my mother understood me, I decided to apply the advice Sintex gave me to other situations.” As a school leader, Bridget now uses this approach when she is asking for something from a teacher or the principal.

Sintex also supports his sister with other situations in life. For example, he gives her advice on good conduct, building self- esteem, pursuing her studies and realising her dreams.


Bridget is also a talented singer and supports her brother by doing back-up vocals. This is just one example of how the opportunities Sintex gives her have helped her to nurture her talent - something she now dreams to develop and do as a profession in the future.

Sintex wants fathers and brothers to give their daughters and sisters support in the form of time: “That’s how you will get to know the struggles they face and can support them.”

Bridget encourages other girls to be confident to ask questions in class or at home, or to ask for permission. She said it’s okay to fail, but to never give up, as you’ve always got the chance to succeed next time. “Don’t be afraid to request help, because you can’t get an answer if you never ask!” Bridget said.

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