They used stencils to create a beautiful mural. Try it out yourself !

  1. Choose a pattern you like and draw or print it on a piece of paper in the size you want to have it on your wall.
  • 2. Glue the paper with your pattern onto a firm base e.g a cardboard box
  • 3. Cut around the shape of your pattern carefully paying attention to follow the outline of your shape closely (and please do be careful not to cut yourself!
  • 4. Remove the inner part of your shape. Now you have the form of your shape that you can use. We call this a stencil.
  • 5. Place your stencil at the spot where you want to have your pattern and fix it with tape. This could be a wall like we did bit could also be a table or a chair. Use your imagination!
  • 6. Use a sponge to apply paint in the colour of your choice by dabbing the paint inside the free space of your stencil. Pay attention not to use too much colour at once, better repeat the process several times to keep/avoid the colour from running under the stencil and mess with your shape.
  • 7. When you archived an even surface of colour, remove the stencil - and there you will have your final beautiful pattern

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