Like any other young person, you might sometimes have questions about how your body is changing, your health, sex, and relationships but might not know where you can get the right information. Did you know that your local youth centre and the Youth Corner at the health centre can help you find the answers? Ni Nyampinga visited these places for you and found out more. Let’s go!

Your community cares a lot about your health and happiness. That’s why there is a room dedicated to young people who have questions about their health and wellbeing at your local health centre and youth centre. A trained nurse is there to receive you and answer any questions or curiosities.

When Ni Nyampinga visited, we found out that both facilities receive young people between 15 and 24 years of age. All services are free, but you are encouraged to take your health insurance card with you in case you need any medical assistance. As a young person, you’re welcome to go anytime!


The Youth Corner is a room at the health centre. When you arrive, look for the sign indicating where the room is or simply ask at the reception so they can give you directions. When you reach the door for the Youth Corner, you’ll likely find the name, picture and phone number of the nurse who works there.

If you arrive at the health centre and are told there is no Youth Corner, know that there is a nurse who is assigned to receive you and assist you in every possible way - just like you would be treated at any other Youth Corner.


In every district, there is a youth centre. To find out where it is, simply ask your teacher, parents, guardians or your friends. The centre has different facilities such as a playground and a computer lab. There’s also a room dedicated to youth health services where you will likely find illustrations about bodily changes and books and posters on the wall about sexually transmitted infections and ways to stay healthy.

If you go there to ask your questions about puberty or love and the nurse notices you need medical assistance, they help you get the care you need from the nearest health centre.

The Youth Corners at the health centre and youth centres have been set up for you! Go there and get the right information you need for your health and wellbeing.

Remember, these places are safe for you to go alone if you have a personal question, but you can also go with your friends. Just remember to ask for support from your parents, guardians, teachers or health worker, and know that having the right information always helps you to make the right decisions in life.

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