Having friends is extremely important ....

Having friends is extremely important and can make your life better in many ways. If you’re feeling upset about something, your friends can help you talk through your feelings and can give you advice. And, of course, enjoying the company of friends is also just fun!

To maintain lasting friendships, you have to learn to be a good friend yourself. True friends are honest and can keep secrets, they give helpful advice and they don’t abandon someone who is feeling depressed or is having a tough time. Friends are there in good times and bad and that’s exactly the kind of person we all want to be.

It is valuable to maintain a harmonious relationship with your parents. When you have a good connection with your parents you can talk openly with them about your questions and they can help you find answers.

Treating your parents, guardians and teachers with respect can improve your home and school life. If they’re doing something that’s bothering you, find a good time to talk it through with them. Then you can respectfully discuss your feelings and what you want to change.

It’s also a good idea to build a relationship with a peer counsellor–someone close to your age who you feel really comfortable with. If you have someone in mind, ask them to be your counsellor. If they agree, you can go to them when you need advice. Even though they won’t always have a clear-cut solution to every problem, you can talk to them about what is bothering you because you know they’ll listen.

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