It can be a source of happiness and a great way to express your ideas...

Creativity requires determination, courage and talent. It can be a source of happiness and a great way to express your ideas. Ni Nyampingas Mukeshimana and Sandrine are two young artists who shared how they create their artwork, and how it helps them in their everyday lives.


Mukeshimana is 21 years old and lives in Nyagatare District. When you visit her at home, you can see flowers drawn on the walls. In fact, she is the one who draws them using chalk and small red stones she finds in the stream near her home. Mukeshimana started being creative in this way when she was 19. She told Ni Nyampinga how much it helps her: “When I am sad, I pick up a piece of chalk, start to draw and my sadness quickly fades away," she said, explaining that drawing and creating allows her to focus her energy on something positive. For Mukeshimana, this brings her joy and puts her mind at ease whenever she is troubled.


Sandrine is 20 years old and lives in Rubavu District. Her unique art consists of making people, animals and other objects out of wire. Sandrine has been doing this since she was 15. She wants to be a great artist and always finds inspiration from others around her as well as on the internet. “When I make something new, it makes me so happy and excited, and I can’t wait to share my new creations with my friends and other art students,” she told Ni Nyampinga.


Above: Sandrine uses wire to create her art. Below: Journalist Laurence talks to Sandrine


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