As people, there are some mistakes we make when we are saving that may lead us to fail in saving. What are those mistakes? What would be the lesson Ni Nyampingas should take from these mistakes that may help them to resave. Ni Nyampinga have visited Christine and she shares with us the mistakes she did that affected her, and she ends up failing to save. She also told us what motivated her to resave.

I am Christine, 15 years old, I live in Rutsiro. I started saving after hearing it at school where there was a program of saving in groups. I used to save 200 each Friday, that my parents used to give me, or I fetched water for neighbors to get them. I had a goal that I will buy a hen. For the second round of saving, I used to save some time, I didn’t deposit money in the group as it was before. It was slowly by slowly.

At the end of this round, I got 2000 and I bought shoes and skirt that were not a priority. After some days that when I thought that I should have used that money for something that would give me other income as I did before. I just got a lesson of saving with a goal in mind of what I will use those savings.


On the other hand, my hen was laying eggs and then I sold them. This motivated me to resave. I started by keeping those savings on my pocket and later I realize that if I continue this way I would end up using them what I haven’t planned, and I decided to go back to the saving group. I also set a goal that I will use savings to buy cabbages seeds to grow. Now, I harvest and sold them and save that money in group saving.

These are things that help me in my saving, that I am sure can also help you: - When you want to buy something, don’t use your whole savings. Make sure that you keep some. - To think about what you will use your savings before starting saving because it will help you to never misuse them. - Choose the right way to use for saving. For me, I chose a saving group.

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