Her writing journey and passion for poetry...

Everybody can achieve their goals if they strive for them. Ange, a 17-year old Ni Nyampinga, is living proof. The professional poet first began writing short stories, and later discovered her love for poetry. Since then, she has worked hard to nurture her talent and achieve her dreams. Ange spoke with Ni Nyampinga and told us about her writing journey and passion for poetry.

When we met Ange for the very first time at her school in Gakenke District, she welcomed us with a beautiful poem that shares a powerful message for people living with disabilities: disability is not inability. Ange uses a wheelchair because of physical disabilities she developed when she was five years old.

For Ange, it was her talent for writing short stories that sparked her interest in poetry: “I loved reading books, and I set a goal to write books for other children who will come after me to have something to read,” Ange said. Though she wrote many things, initially Ange did not know exactly what kinds of pieces she was writing - whether a short story, a tale, or a poem - she simply put pen to paper when inspiration took hold!


One day during secondary school, Ange started writing because of the pain she was feeling in her arm. One of her classmates saw what she had written and said that her style was similar to Angel’s, another poet.


“When my friend told me that, I searched for Angel on social media, and I realised that I really did write like her! It was then that I knew I had a talent for poetry, so I decided to explore it more,” she said.

“I started looking at other poets’ style of writing. I read books to acquire more knowledge and polish my work, and when I met other poets, I shared my work with them to get their feedback. I then asked my cousin who is good in technology to create a website for me so I could upload my poems so that many people could read them.”

It was this determination that allowed Ange to follow her dream and share her passion for poetry with the world.


After Ange uploaded her poems on her website and social media, she was invited to participate in a competition called “Transpoesis”, which brings together various poets.

“Someone saw my poems, and told me that I should participate in the competition. The person also told me how to register, and I took part,” Ange said.

Not only did Ange take out first prize among all the poets who participated, but her poems were also the most popular! Winning this competition inspired her to work even harder and take her poetry to the next level. Since then, Ange has composed more than 100 poems, and she plans to assemble them into a book that she will publish.

Ange says that besides winning the competition, composing and reciting poems helps her in different aspects of life: “It’s a way of expressing my feelings. And it helps me to succeed at school because I know if I can memorise a poem, I can’t fail any subject.”


Concluding our conversation with Ange, she gave advice to other Ni Nyampingas who have a goal they want to achieve: “Whatever idea you have, start implementing it now. Don’t wait for tomorrow, because the sooner you start, the further you will go.”


We are not sure of tomorrow, but I know I will be remembered. Because the fruits we get today are from the seeds we planted back in the past. So I know well which seeds I am planting today. And I undoubtedly believe that no one will blame me for not being here, as I will live eternally. And I will be remembered tomorrow.

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