That’s what friendship is for...

A good friend is there for you when you need it most.

If you can’t trust someone when you need them most, that person is not a good friend. Trust is a pillar that supports friendship. A good friend feels responsible for you - they take care of you, always wants you to be happy, and they share your happiness. But to grow your friendship, remember this is also your responsibility to them. Finally, good friends do not tell you to do things that would get you into trouble.

A good friend puts your friendship above everything and helps you grow.

As with all kinds of relationships, problems can arise between friends. When this happens, let’s say that you did something to wrong them, they don’t go and tell everyone that you are no longer friends. No! Instead, they approach you, you talk about it, you solve it, you re-unite and your friendship keeps going. They don’t focus on negativity because that can come between you. Instead, they stay focused on the good things that unite you because that helps you both to grow and develop. That’s what friendship is for.

A good friend thinks about others.

Nobody likes to be alone. Life always feels better when you have people around you who care about you. A good friend is someone who thinks about you without any selfish interests and who shows that they are there for you. When you realise they don’t think only about themselves but also show interest in supporting you, you should know that they are good friends. This should be consistent and not just for a short time. They should expect nothing in return for their kindness apart from your friendship.


A good friend helps you to achieve your ambitions.

Everyone needs to support to fulfil their dreams. So when you have a friend who supports you in your ambitions - maybe farming animals, cultivating, other entrepreneurial projects or improving your academic performance - know that person is a good friend. This means when you have an ambition, a good friend will always be the first to support you through the journey.

Good friends tell each other the truth.

If you want your friend to remain a good friend, tell them the truth. If your friend has something to tell you, listen to them and respect their ideas. If they tell you about a project and they need your advice, don’t discourage them. Instead, tell them they are capable, share your thoughts and tell them how you can support them.

My beloved Ni Nyampingas, these are just a few of the things that can help you recognise a good friend. But let me also tell you that in life no one is always innocent, most especially when they are young like you. So if you make mistakes, you will know that someone is a good friend when they’re not afraid to tell you your mistakes and are there to stand by your side as you make amends.

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