Good friends don’t get jealous....


Everyone needs a true friend in life, especially young boys and girls whose friends support them as they grow up. But not everybody is a good friend, and it can sometimes be hard to know if someone is a good friend or a bad friend. There are, however, a number of ways to help answer this question. As a young person, you need to consider different factors when choosing good friends. You have your personality, your values and what you need from your friends. By understanding these things, you can know if they are real friends who you will stay with forever. Let me tell you how to know if the friend you have is a good one.

When you are with a good friend, you feel calm.

When you are with a good friend, you feel happy and calm. You trust them and they are always there to help you. A good friend is always by your side, especially during the hard times. Good friends tell you the truth, and they don’t talk badly about you when you’re not there, or share your secrets with others. They don’t tell lies about you and they don’t judge when you have done something that others didn’t like. When you achieve something, like performing well in class, being the first, or getting a reward, good friends don’t get jealous, but instead help you celebrate and encourage you.

Good friends tell you the truth and don’t hide anything from you.


A good friend listens to you, gives you constructive ideas, and you understand each other. If you feel alone or in trouble and don’t know what to do, a good friend will be there to talk to and advise you, or help you to do something you were not able to do by yourself. Sometimes you need someone to help get out of a difficult situation or be there to console you when things go wrong - this is the role of a good friend. You will know that someone is a good friend if they are there through all those times, even when you were not able to achieve something. For example, if you are upset because you failed an exam, a good friend won’t tell you that you performed badly, instead, they will console you by telling you that it’s normal, that you will be able to overcome it, and that next time you will do better. A good friend will restore your hope and support you.

A good friend doesn’t ask you to do something you don’t want to. Instead, they respect your decisions.

A real friend supports you, and even if you might not agree on everything, they respect your decisions. That person believes that even if you disagree, you complete each other - that way you don’t come into conflict with one another. A good friend also knows when you need help or advice, even if you might be afraid to ask for it.

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