Our Ni Nyampinga journalists, left to right: Marlene, Rahmat, Pascaline, Clarisse, Goodluck, and Laurence.

We hope you enjoyed the stories we shared in Issue 26 of the magazine. One of your fellow Ni Nyampingas recently sent us a lovely message: “I just read a story about two technicians, Uwimana and Aliane, and I really enjoyed it. I also dream of becoming a mechanic!” Did you find the stories interesting as well? Send a text to 1019 and let us know.

We are happy to bring to you Issue 27 of Ni Nyampinga, and we hope you will like the stories inside. Read about Ritha, an 18-year-old who learned how to play the guitar when she was in hospital. You’ll also get to know Claire, who became a better student with the support of her teacher.

We know you love seeing celebrities in the magazine. Guess who we have for you this time? It’s Lambert Mugwaneza - someone you might know as Social Mula! Check out his poster and find out how his mother supported him to get to where he is today.

Ni Nyampinga could never be complete without our very own Baza Shangazi! In this edition, she will answer your questions which we know will help you to learn something new. Be sure to read everything Shangazi has to say because it’s important you have the right information about the things that matter to you. If you have a question for her send it to 1019.

For those who love listening to Sakwe, we have a special surprise for you! With the help of a map on the back of the poster, you can now explore Kabuto and discover where our friends live.

We hope you’ll enjoy Issue 27 of Ni Nyampinga. Happy reading!

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