It’s always fun to be creative, and it’s even better when you can co-create with your friends - learning and supporting each other. We visited a group of four Ni Nyampinga from Nyamagabe District who love working together. Aged between 15 and 19, we found these young creatives helping their friend to paint her house. With a love for all things beautiful, these young women share tasks to be more efficient and do so with a smile on their faces. Together, they have fun and work towards a common goal.


Some of these Ni Nyampinga learnt how to paint from their siblings and parents. They paint the house using a mixture of chalk, clay, ash from dry banana leaves, cow dung, water, and cassava.

Adelphine: “I learnt how to do this when I was just seven, and then I started painting my own room.” Claudine: “We make a plan and collect all the materials we need a day before.” Mahoro: “What we create is always beautiful and we do it quickly too.” Maria: “We’ve learnt so many new things. For example, Adelphine taught me how to decorate using different colours.”

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