Clarisse Gusenga


We are still combating the coronavirus pandemic especially since it’s getting worse these days. So there are ways we have to follow in order to keep fighting this pandemic. One of those ways is washing our hands with clean water and soap as often as possible.

Ni Nyampinga Journalists and Betty who plays the role of Gigi in Ni Nyampinga Sakwe visited the Urumuri Club at Kiruri High School in Rulindo District and discussed the importance of washing their hands well with clean water and soap as often as possible especially since they do it as a culture.


The Urumuri Club does a variety of activities including agriculture. When all this is done they are quick to wash their hands in order to continue to avoid the Coronavirus pandemic without forgetting about other diseases caused by unclean hands. “I wash my hands more than five times a day, not only to prevent Coronavirus but also to prevent other diseases including diarrhea, intestinal worms, typhoid, and so on,” said one member of the group.

Gigi from Ni Nyampinga Sakwe also reminded the group that they should not stray from the habit of washing their hands well with clean water and soap and often. “Washing your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap regularly will draw you in the fight against coronavirus but also not forgetting other diseases including typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, and others. You have to wash your hands for at least forty to sixty seconds to be clean. ” She said.


In conclusion, the members of this group encouraged other young people not to be negligent because it requires all of us to put an end to this pandemic so that we can return to our normal life as before.

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