Having big or small breasts is simply the result of hormones...


My name is Mignone and I live in Nyagatare District. I want to ask Shangazi why I am mature and still have small breasts. Does this mean they will sag?

Mignone, I cannot tell the exact age you are or when your breasts started to appear, but do not worry about having small breasts. Having big or small breasts is simply the result of hormones.

When a girl reaches puberty, there are hormones which become active. Those hormones can be a lot depending on how the girl is growing, or the life she is living and it is these hormones that can impact whether her breasts are big or small. When she produces less hormones, her breasts will be smaller in size, but this has no consequences.

Having small breasts can also be inherited from your parents. You can find that this is something given from one person to another in your family. Many people of the same family have small or big breasts. This should not bother you! It is normal to have small or big breasts. It is the same as seeing small and tall, and fat and thin people.

There are even some people who say a girl has big breasts because of having sex. This is not true. The size of your breasts simply depends on your natural hormones.

Let me tell you that breast sagging is not at all a result of their size. In most cases, it is a result of breastfeeding or aging. During menopause, a lot of women’s breasts sag. I should also add that when you are working and your breasts are moving a lot, they are more likely to sag. In this case, you may wish to put on a bra to keep them firm.

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